Wondrous Words: Winding Down the Writing Retreat

Our writing retreat ended this morning. After open mic last night and this morning I am convinced the participants will continue writing wondrous words long after they drive off today.Our visiting writer and my brother Raymond Pert inspired people to "let it rip" and they felt safe and supported doing just that.
HT said good-bye to the lake with our group mascot Dexter playfully following close by.
It was a good week. To keep wondrous words flowing our writers had a quiet setting, time, an inspirational visiting writer, support, campfire smoke, great camp food, tears, laughs, examples of good literature, songs sung by LR, reader's theater,hikes, fresh air, s'mores, camp dogs, and gorgeous sunsets.


  1. What a super week it has sounded.... and what a wonderful peaceful way to start the summer....

    Safe travels home...


  2. Sounds like a great time was had by all. That was great that RP was the visiting writer...I will be he did get people to open up and let er rip. That photos were absolutely great, and just as I imagined that they would be. Thanks!

  3. the setting certainly is conducive to writing and it sounds like the participants too. Gave you an award last week 25th or 26th??and another for all.. sks


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