Photo Images by Thea: Postcards from McCall

The area around our retreat center in McCall is breathtakingly beautiful. One of our participants Thea Carter took this series of photo images and gave me permission to post them.A group did a guided walk around the area yesterday and she captured some of these images.
I love the combination of textures in this photo.
The lake here is a deep blue, but here the beach along the shore creates quiet beauty.
I love how simple things like steps up from the beach can be an incredible creation of light and shadows. I will close with this postcard-like picture and let the beauty speak for itself.
photo collection by Thea Carter, June 2008


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! These are incredible photos. Such beauty to soak in. I am impressed by the beauty that lies in front of me! Stunning! WOW. Truly beautiful.
    Rocky Mountain Scenery

  2. A very lovely area. I've never been to your corner of the world, but maybe someday.


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