Parade Magazine Inspiration Close to Home

Today the cover story in the Parade magazine is entitled " The War They Still Fight" and Major Jason Waggoner shares the story of his recovery from losing a leg when he stepped on a booby-trapped mortar round in southwest Baghdad. He talks in the article of the support of his wife Brianna pictured above. Five weeks after the accident he was discharged and began rehab and has even played golf now with his prosthetic leg.
Every story you hear about the war breaks your heart. Then one really hit hard because it is close to home. Brianna is my neighbor KH's daughter. We all heard of the explosion right after it happened and have kept Jason and Brianna in our prayers as we kept track of his progress. What an inspiration to see this beautiful picture of this couple on the cover of Parade magazine this morning. KH's grandson is also pictured in the article. Jason is quoted as saying "My mission is to get well." You can find this story by Tim O'Brien at

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  1. I can see the love here that will get them through. God Bless our troops!

    Your pups are such ham bones and beautiful. lol


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