A Night to Celebrate With the Class of 2012

"Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch." -Ivern Ball

Tonight we had a special celebration at our school to honor our 8th grade class. I have taught these students for two years. I have loved watching their positive enthusiasm as they have moved through middle school and pulled lots of switches. This celebration marks the end of an era in their school lives.
The tradition at our school is that the seventh grade class puts on this celebration. They decorated, served the food, and made these special cards that were waiting on the chairs.
We have another special tradition at our 8th grade celebration. The students create a collection of their school work through the grades and include a gift of writing to their parents that may be a thank you poem, a letter about how they have changed, or another meaningful creation. We end the evening with presenting these gifts to the parents/family members. As the parents read them ( and often shed a few tears) we end the evening with refreshments.

Even though school isn't out until next week, it was an evening that always brings the families, teachers, friends, and classmates together in our small school. It truly was a night to celebrate.


  1. That's so lovely. I really like seeing milestones in a child's life marked like that. What a treasure that gift for the parents will be in years to come.

  2. Anonymous6.6.08

    What a great thing to do for your students. This is the age where kids can become very confused.It's so nice to see such structure and focus. I like how the 7 gradeers get involved. You sound like a wonderful teacher.

  3. This is a busy and emotional time for you. That celebration sounds special indeed.
    I'm sure you generate lots of enthusiasm in your students. That field trip to the lake sounded like a fun day. What a beautiful photo of the lake!
    I love your header picture with the geraniums...one of my favorite plants.

  4. very enlightening - I wrote about a gift for sdtudents with a's today . I like the letter part..sk Flicker kicking me out got to rregroup


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