My Top Ten List for the Last Day of School

Top Ten Things I'll Miss Now That the School Year Has Ended
10. This view of Lake Roosevelt and Barnaby Island along my commute each morning.
9. Waving to the same commuters every morning as I head south and they head to jobs in Kettle Falls and Colville.
8. The first lines of "School's Out for Summer" sung by a seventh grader.

7. My morning snack of a banana and whole almonds at 9:45.

6. Morning highlights of the teams, plays, and favorite player antics from the night before told from the point of view of a middle school sports fan.
5. Hearing passionate conversations at the copy machine about the couples on Dancing With the Stars, contestants losing on American Idol, and the newest recipe challenge on Top Chef. Why do I need to watch any of these shows?

4. The view of the football end zone from my classroom window.
3. Hornet Tacos for lunch ( our school's own version of Indian tacos).
2. Goofy poses students will create to get their pictures taken.
1. The number one thing I will miss now that the school year has ended? (drum roll)
The laughter, creative energy, and intelligence of my eighth grade class as they move on to high school.


  1. I did not know you taught 8th graders! Such important, critical work. And say, what are Indian tacos? Is there a recipe forthcoming?

  2. Yes, and I love that grade. Next year I will teach all three middle school grades. I have never made Indian Tacos because I haven't mastered fry bread. An Indian Taco is like a tostado with just fried Indian fry bread, then chili, lettuce, cheese, onions, and sour cream. Outstanding.


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