How Do You Say "Great Meal" in German?

Tonight I am staying in Pullman, Washington with my friend BW. We coordinate the writing retreat together and are off to McCall, Idaho tomorrow. I was very fortunate to attend a German dinner tonight put on by the brew club her husband belongs to. The rules were simple. Every dish that was served had to have beer as an ingredient. The meal was based on a German theme. Some of the brew club members brought their own home brewed beer, while others just brought favorite kinds that went with each course. Where I grew up a Lucky Lager could go with chips and dip, a hamburger, and a piece of apple pie! No aluminum cans at this gathering. This beautiful salad had a wheat beer added to the dressing. The soup was made with a pale ale and Cougar Gold cheese, made right at Washington State University. BW's husband brought homemade sausage he had ground and filled before we left. They were grilled and very yummy! There was also German potato salad, pork dishes, cabbage, sauerkraut, soft pretzels, and beer bread. Desserts ranged from gingerbread to prune cake to the two cakes above. Each had a distinct taste and all were delicious (or so I heard.. I just couldn't sample everything). Now who knew about chocolate beer... I mean stout? One guy that brewed his own beer brought it out after dinner. I loved his pink sticky note label. I know IPA means something to the brew club members, but I can't quite remember what. It was a big learning curve for me tonight. I was amazed at how many delicious ways the group found to use beer for this dinner. Now I better go Google IPA.
Okay... I am back.... IPA... India Pale Ale. It is coming back to me now.


  1. I don't know how to say it, but I'd sure say it based on the photos!! Wonderful!
    Take care and happy Sunday..

  2. If memory serves (and it's been a long time since I've used my very limited German) great meal is something like gute Mahlzeit ("gooteh maltsite"). :-)

  3. Anything with Cougar Gold in it would taste great. Sounds like a fun party...but then, WSU is known for it's beer parties. I remember.


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