Hot, Hotter, Hottest!

I returned home today and watched the temperature climb as I headed north through Spokane and on up to Kettle Falls. When I stopped in Colville it was 105 degrees. I experienced a wall of heat that hit me and made me go limp. When I arrived home this is what our deck registered out in the sun. A few hours later it dropped a bit. It is now 8:10 and it reads about 90 degrees. I mustered up the strength to take a garden tour to see how the flowers were doing. Lilies must like the heat because they are showing their bright colors. I was surprised to see a shirley poppy spout up in the rose garden. You never know where they they might show up. I think if I plan to enjoy the gardens tomorrow I will have to get up about 4:00 a.m. For right now I am going to get a cool drink and let the small a.c. blow on me.


  1. I was down all day today, still recovering from my drive home Saturday. I don't know how hot it was in the car, but it sure has laid me low. I hope to be back on my feet tomorrow.

    I can't believe how hot your deck is.

    Double shudder.

  2. Holy cow! Those bright colored flowers must certainly love the heat. We are expecting 91 today which usually includes a lot of humidity. Ughhh
    p.s. I've tagged you for a photo meme--ONLY if you feel like it :O)

  3. I think Blogger ate my first response to this.

    My mouth fell open when I saw the temperatures that you've been having. Didn't know it got that hot up there. We had it almost to 100 a couple of weeks ago here in Virginia. Hate it.


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