Filling the Vase: A.M. Writing Workshop

In our workshop this morning Raymond Pert had us compose a piece that associated writing with activities we do that bring us pleasure. Here is the first draft of my poem:

Filling the Vase

Writing is wandering through the
garden path harvesting morning flowers.
Gathering leaves, finding fillers,
snipping blossoms as they begin to open.
Pausing to reflect and even observe
while paying attention to the smells.

Gold, chartreuse, and deep purple become the wondrous words,
thorny stems phrases cut too deep.
The combination of textures sort the sentence variety
over powered by the sweet scent of similes.

The violet vase is the vessel of form
Aligning the sentences, arranging the words,
Taming texture with attention to audience.

Place the bouquet on the farmhouse table,
or away for a spell to let the contents settle.

inland empire girl June 24, 2008


  1. Great idea! Lovely poem! I hope you'll post more of your exercises here. I might just try them!

  2. Interesting comparison between writing and the floral theme. I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Pretty flowers and a beautiful poem........


  4. I love the poem and the idea behind it. It made me sit for a while and try to come up with one of my own. It was a fun and challenging execise for me. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  5. oooooooooooooh I want an autographed copy.


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