A Field Trip to The Big Lake

Today three of us took our group of middle school students down to Lake Roosevelt for a field trip. We are fortunate to have the lake walking distance from the school. The purpose of the trip was to review cultural learning about the tribe, be reminded about native artifacts, and conduct a scientific study of the habitat around "The Big Lake."JF works in the archives and archeology department for the Colville Confederated Tribes. She is also a grandmother and auntie to many of our students. She spoke about leaving artifacts where you find them, saving the environment, and how our native and non-native students can learn to preserve the history surrounding Lake Roosevelt.
The day was perfect for catching photo images of Lake Roosevelt in the late morning sun. The drawdown has ended and the lake is filling up quickly.Along the shore we spotted wild lupine, children played on the rocky beach, two students listened intently to their history, and the clouds moved in.

One of the students wore a favorite shirt of mine today. The front is easy to see, but the last line on the back is not as clear.

"It takes a community to raise a child."


  1. sounds like a fantastic memorable program- l loved the shared pics//sk

  2. This was great.. you are a teacher I wish upon my kids..

    happy day!


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