Combinations That Light Up the Garden

With the honeysuckles really taking off this year I love the combination of golden orange with the deep pink Betty Prior roses.
Green always sets off red, especially with these Olympiad roses.

Yellow and yellow work nicely with the Golden Showers climbing rose.
Take white, a bit of pink with a deep green background and it creates a lovely combination with this peony. Any color of rose goes well with McDuff, especially these early blossoms on the First Prize rose.


  1. Love the honeysuckle photo. I meant to go buy some this spring and I forgot.

  2. Gorgeous flowers - love all the colors - and yes, I can see where McDuff would be the perfect complement to any of them!

  3. You're right Mc Duff looks good against any backdrop. lovely pictures

  4. I just love it when your garden comes alive! And that McDuff--the perfect accessory.

  5. You have wonderful combinations in your garden, and McDuff is a beauty too.

  6. sallyacious19.6.08

    My roses have just begun to bloom.

    McDuff looks a bit like he's wearing one of those headbands with the antennae, only with roses on the tips instead of sparkly balls or hearts or stars.

  7. The flowers are gorgeous! And McDuff... he looks like he's in on a little secret. There's got to be a story there.

  8. That photo of McDuff is outstanding... I would even consider framing that... beautiful portrait of an elegant kitty! Nicely done!!
    The roses are stunning.


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