Class of 2008 With A Grandson Included

Today was graduation at my school. Being a small school we never have large graduating classes. I like that because it is much more intimate and meaningful. We have a tradition of using a local drumming group to play the procession preforming the tribe's native drumming songs. Another tradition is that graduates choose a family member to escort them. We have sisters, brothers, grandparents, and children of the graduates walk in with them. I love the part of our nontraditional graduation procession.When I married my husband his children were raised so I acquired a large family of children and grandchildren. One of the grandchildren graduated today. It was a joy to watch the family filled with pride and joy as Q graduated. Here he is posing with another graduate and cousin at the end.

Two of the second grade students I visit every day as I work in their classroom came up to greet me and pose for a picture. I love seeing families and friends gather for a significant event in the lives of their children and grandchildren. There are lots of smiles, tears, pictures taken, and flowers presented. It was a good day!!


  1. It all sounds so special, I think being smaller its so much more personal.... and closer to ones heart....


  2. "We have a tradition of using a local drumming group to play the procession preforming the tribe's native drumming songs."

    I ABSOLUTELY love this!!

    And that the family members escort the graduates.. fantastic. Really quite special. I'm so glad you shared that with us.

    Happy Sunday.

  3. Such interesting traditions! Our school is small, too. I love the intimacy of such graduations.

  4. That is a small school. A young freind of mine is about to start teaching to a class of twelve in Alaska. I'm glad you explained how you got to have a grandson that age. Love to see the beautiful faces of those girls.

  5. Congratulations to your Grandson. Sounds like a fun and memorable ceremony.

  6. Oh congratulations to your grandson!

    May I be nosy and ask if there's a big age difference between you and your husband? My husband is 21 years older than I am, but he didn't have any children.

  7. FABULOUS. Graduation Day really is the best. We spent most of yesterday at graduation parties save for one wedding and it was the nicest day. Smiles, memories, anticipation, surprises and gowns. All different colored kinds of gowns. Loved your post and LOVED the last pictures. YOU are rich, rich, rich.

  8. inspirational indeed. You never tire of it do you ??


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