Swan Lake Part I: Saturday Morning Walk

Swan Lake Campground was our destination for camping this week-end.
Annie and I took a walk Saturday morning when things around the campground were still pretty quiet. This lake is so peaceful since gas motored boats aren't allowed. This couple with their dog were out enjoying some early morning fishing.
I love the shades of blue I caught in this view of the lake.

The trail around the lake was bordered with wildflowers, blooming bushes, and a variety of trees.
After our walk Annie returned to another obsession session watching for squirrels. She tried to get Shelby interested, but Shelby quickly lost interest when she discovered she couldn't herd them.


  1. Great photographs as usual! I love lakes like that one! Happy Memorial Day.

  2. It looks absolutely beautiful there... I love lakes where motor boats are not allowed. My husband and I always try to look for those as we flyfish from our belly boats. Very pretty photos.

  3. Gotta love the Springer obsession look.

  4. The lake is pretty. Reminds me of some of the places we go in Upper Michigan.

  5. Thanks for the comments.
    Yes, RP they do share the springer obsession look.


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