Swan Lake Part 3: Rustic Fireplace, Wildflowers, Swamps, and a Boardwalk

On Saturday we took the 1.5 mile hike around Swan Lake. It was an easy hike, but between keeping the dogs out of swampy water and watching for mud and fallen trees, it was an adventure for all. The hike begins at an old, rustic covered kitchen that can be reserved for large groups. The fireplace inside is so inviting. You want to bring in a group for a wiener roast!
The colors in the Oregon Grape stood out in the morning sun.No bridge over this creek which didn't bother JEJ, Shelby, and Annie. I was glad this part of the trail had a wood plank boardwalk that helped us through the swampy part. As we stood across the lake from the campground we could observe people loading canoes and kayaks into the water for some morning enjoyment. The trees mask the tents and campers above the beach.As we drew near the end of the hiking trail the path opened up creating an aisle through the cedars. It was so peaceful. I almost wished we hadn't reached the main road to hear some noisy pick-ups a few minutes later.


  1. a lot of birds??

  2. Looks like a beautiful walk! Thanks for sharing. I've tagged you by the way, or rather your pets. Hope you don't mind! You can find out more on my blog!

  3. What a great place to hike. Beautiful shots.

  4. Looks like a very lovely area similar to what we would enjoy.


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