Swan Lake Part 2: Soothing Trees

On our hike around the lake Saturday at Swan Lake I studied the uniqueness of the trees. Here are some of my observations.Though rocks kept these roots from moving deep into the ground and the wind blew it over, the tree was still alive!

Eagles have good taste in choosing a spot for their nest.Woodpeckers add their own form of beauty to a tree.

Finding the forest for the trees in this cedar grove reminded me of how soothing trees can be.

" I never knew how soothing trees are- many trees and patches of open sunlight, and tree presences; it is almost like having another being." D.H. Lawrence


  1. Your trees are quite unique and neat to look at... it seems that the one tree has had a fair share of practice from the woodpeckers!

  2. That woodpecker really did a job on that tree. Reminds me of the beaver on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Went to a lake with the photo group we were with and there was a freshly cut tree on the ground, obviously the result of beaver. Went back the next day and the little suckers had stripped ALL of the branches. Whether bird or beast, they sure can do a job on a tree.


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