Sibling Assignment # 62: I'd Act Like Sally

This week's sibling assignment was given by Raymond Pert. "If you could act in the movies like anyone, who would it be and why?" You will find his here and Silver Valley Girl's here.

There are many actresses that I admire for their work, but beginning with Gidget and The Flying Nun I wanted to act like Sally Field. Who wouldn't want to be a surfer girl in California? Once I was hooked on watching her spunky personality I couldn't resist her part on The Flying Nun. The part that grabbed me and never let me forget her acting was when she played Sybil in the T.V. film in 1976. Portraying all the multiple personalities of Sybil was a work of genius. I knew if an actress could go from a California beach girl to The Girl With Something Extra to Sybil she was something special. I have continued to watch the career of Sally Field ever since. In an interview in March she said, " I've had a odd career. I always wanted to be a great actor. I wanted to be Katharine Hapburn-ish- there was a bit of nobility about her. Instead I've always felt like the mutt standing on the sidelines, panting and saying, 'Me too! How about me?' That's just part of my personality."I have never thought of her as a mutt standing on the sidelines. I have seen her as a versatile actress willing to take on a variety of roles as not to be typecast. She has also been willing to play parts in movies and on television plus try her hand at directing and producing. Whether she was playing a character standing up for her rights, saving her farm, or falling in love with James Gardner she made acting look like a natural part of life. She played the girl the next door, the woman you wanted as a friend, or perhaps your mom.I admire Sally Field as a person also. She has worked hard, raised three sons and tried to live a "normal" life that includes gardening, knitting, and time with family. Her mother lives with her now so Sally can help care for her.

During her career she has spent time on the movie and television sets doing needlework and knitting while waiting for her scene. Fellow cast members have received needlework pillows and new babies of cast members have had blankets knitted for them.
Along with being a gifted actress she is also a caring, genuine person. She said in that same interview that "my acting and my family are what matter most." I admire that part of her even more.... plus at sixty-one she looks so healthy and happy!


  1. Sally Fields is a perfect choice for all the reasons you mentioned. Like you said, she never let herself be pigeon-holed and in public, even though at times ridiculed, she's always led with her heart and often worn her heart right on her sleeve.

  2. I just commented to my niece earlier today about how wonderful Sally Field still looks! She was in an ad for osteoporosis meds.

    I loved her from the beginning too! She broke my heart in Sybil, and as the mom in Steel Magnolias!
    Her performances are worth seeing again and again!

  3. She looks amazing - thought her performances in both Sybil and in Norma Rae were pretty amazing too.

  4. I have been told before (by my son for one) that I act just like Gidget!

  5. I see we all have a Sally Field comment. Colleen..acting like Gidget is a good thing!

  6. I could pass on the Gidget and Flying Nun reruns, but I've liked just about everything else she's ever done. I think one of my favorites was Places in the Heart.


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