The Run of the Roses

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." —Shakespeare Each year we always love to have a friendly bet on which rose in the gardens will bloom first.

The Rio Samba, which gets lots of morning sun, won the run of the roses this year.
The America is in a close second as the bud is getting close to opening.The Pink Iceberg will take third, but outdoes the other two with the number of buds.
The rest of the pack are close behind and they all smell as sweet.


  1. are you kidding?! you have blooming roses???

    You really are ahead of us here. By about 3 weeks. And I love Rio Samba. I bought an ownroot VooDoo from Idarose at the Hayden Farmers' Market last week and it's in bloom. I always plant those two together. Pick and bouquet and post the picture! I can't wait.

  2. What does Rio Samba mean in English?

    Perfect rose?

  3. sallyacious1.6.08

    Wow. We have lots of buds, but as of yet, nobody is anywhere close to blooming.

    Still, I'm feeling pretty smug right now. In the five years we've lived here, I've planted 13 roses and started fertilizing the one that was already here. Result? 14 gorgeous plants. Because two of the roses I planted didn't make it, and two others planted themselves.

    That's right, I have two volunteer rosebushes, one of which is three years old and trying to take over my front porch. My very favorite kind of flower: free, gorgeous and pushy.

  4. Rio Samba: Dancing River. Gotta be. ;)

  5. Beautiful, IEG,roses are so special. All flowers are beautiful, but the rose stands above the rest. My wife is into minature roses, and our bedroom is full of them.

  6. your flowers are lovely on sidebar too . I miss the Northern Iris, lilac


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