Inland Empire Girl Hangs Out With Her Nieces

Today I moved in my sister's house to keep my nieces company this week-end while she is away. My niece Kiki Aru warmed up my laptop while I finished cleaning up after dinner. Even though I had to leave my pooches at home, I get to spend time with their cousins this week-end. Meet Peaches and Sadie. All the cats aren't sure what is going on yet, but they are just relieved my two cat obsessed dogs aren't here. The Princess is hanging out with friends downstairs and we are still waiting for Z2 to arrive home from a track meet. The other nice part about being here this week-end is that I can spend time with my own mom on Mother's Day. Tomorrow after everyone sleeps in we have some special plans for our special mothers.


  1. wonderful quote by Holmes. How beautiful!Last year I watched the birth of a flower as it broke through the bulb, slowly arriving into the world, and then reaching for the sun. I felt as if I was watching one of the greatest miracles on earth.

  2. The cats are probably thanking the cat gods every day that Snug, the cat obsessed, cat food obsessed dog is not there either.

  3. I think thats the first time I seen pics of your dogs. They are both gorgeous! How do you deal with all that hair?? hehe

  4. Oh, you are a lucky auntie! Kiki Aru looks beautiful, as always. It's nice to see a picture of Peaches! Such a lovely dog... Sadie didn't care for me too much when I was last there, but finally warmed up to me a bit.

    Have a lovely Mother's Day!


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