Happy Mother's Day Silver Valley Girl

While staying with my nieces this week-end they had a great idea. The three decided to make the house sparkle as part of their Mother's Day gift for their mom when she returned Sunday evening. Kiki Aru remembered her mom Silver Valley Girl had said she wanted the windows cleaned. Kiki Aru is carefully cleaning under the supervision of Sadie the dog. Z2 tackled the kitchen downstairs and after organizing, scrubbing, and polishing she was ready for the white glove test!! I found The Princess online at the computer probably searching for sites with cleaning tips for making the bathroom sparkle. The girls worked very hard on their project and I know my sister will love their gift to her. They also managed to find time to purchase flowers and a card for both their mother and grandmother.

We took a break from the surprise cleaning project to serve dinner to my mom and their grandmother. Grandma Mary loved her roses, cards and hummingbird feeder. I had such a great week-end with my nieces and mom. We shared lots of funny moments, some mochas and lattes, a bit of hard work, and a special Mother's Day dinner.

Happy Mothers' Day to all you special mothers!

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  1. send those girls and their cleaning supplies down here!


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