Beautiful Results from a Mistake

JEJ is enjoying his new camera, but somehow last week the color got switched to cyanotype on the camera. His camping images and some from home were not in color. He was disappointed with the mistake. I loved the beautiful results, especially when I did some fine tuning with Picasa . Enjoy his photo images. This image caught Annie and Shelby in the window seat of the tent trailer watching for squirrels.I love this way this one frames Annie in the screened window.This looks like an old-fashioned photo capturing our bridal wreath spirea in full bloom.Here is the picnic table and the gazebo sitting in the morning stillness.


  1. Pulitzer Prize winners as far as I'm concerned. I think the Holy Spirit descended upon JEJ's camera and flipped the switch so he could take such compelling pictures.

  2. I agree... he was so disappointed and I loved each one of them.. there are even more.

  3. I can understand his disappointment, but they really are beautiful this way, too.

  4. very cool especially the still ness and frozen in time aspect..!!


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