Weekend Snapshots: Week-End Chores

I always love those first sunny spring days when you can get out in the garden to unearth little plants, examine the damage from winter, empty the water out of barrels, and prune roses. It was also a good day to plant some pansies and enjoy their colorful "faces." The ever ending task we have is raking pine needles.... and more pine needles. Even though these came from the grocery store it was nice to enjoy the beauty of a bouquet of tulips while resting my weary body at the end of the day.

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  1. Lovely images of early spring. I'm glad that you are beginning to see winter's end in sight.

  2. Beautiful shots, even the store-bought tulips :)
    Happy WS!

  3. I miss gardening.

  4. cool catch for WS! I love to stay in my garden.... mine’s up too hope you can drop by.

  5. Oh, we thought about doing the spring yard clean up but decided on a nice walk and a nap instead! Glad to see someone was able to get their chores done.


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