Weekend Snapshot: April Snow Showers Please Bring May Flowers!

Yes, on April 20th we had snow in northeastern Washington. The amount varied from a light dusting at our house to 3-5 inches where some of my students live.
I awoke this morning to flowers sitting side by side with shrubs covered with a dusting of snow.How fitting that this plant is called snow in summer. I don't know if we will ever see the white flowers that make it look like snow in summer. Right now I guess a better name is snow in spring. No more snow in the forecast... but the temperatures will still stay cool all week. At least the girls didn't come to school today wearing flip flops! To find other weekend snapshots go here.


  1. Lovely shots but I can imagine you are ready for an end to the snow. Hope you will get some May flowers.

  2. Beautiful photos and I am ready for Spring. We had a total of 18 inches of snow up here, a good chunk of it melted however a lot of it still remains up in the upper mountains and refuses to melt so that's fine, it can stay up there! =)

  3. Brrrrrrr!!! We don't get much snow here in Tennessee and I always complain until I see pictures like this in the middle of Spring lol.

    I have your May flowers :)


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