Spring Project #2: Finding Another Use for The Trees

Spring Project #2 has been in full swing at Inland Empire Girl's house. The former owners left pine trees in the driveway and created islands in two places using the trees and adding plants. The longer we have lived here the more problems the islands have created. Their locations create snowplow and parking problems, especially in the winter. The trees continue to shed way too many pine needles and cones. The trees worked well as a holder for a bird feeder and my seasonal flags, but the islands were dry, thus making it hard to keep plants flourishing. JEJ is working on felling these trees. This is what was left of the first island when I arrived home yesterday. Once the stumps are removed it will make the driveway a much smoother place. It has already changed the landscape of the yard. We will have more light, but hopefully have enough other trees to provide needed shade.

Annie decided she needed to inspect the huge pile of branches and needles removed from the trees.
The last tree to go down today will provide more light in the garden and do away with falling needles. I had a hard time finding the stump until I realized it was still acting as a post for the garden gate.
All the wood from the trees will be split to provide firewood for the next few winters. Now that is another upside of the project. We certainly found another use for the trees.


  1. That will probably make a great difference. It'll be great to get in more sunlight for your plants and help fix all those other problems you mentioned. Good for you!

  2. Looks like you all have been busy. Nice to accomplish a big task like that and make an improvement. I love trees but it's important that they are in the right places as they can become an issue in certain spots. I'm sure you'll enjoy having more light and it looks like you'll still have good shade elsewhere.

  3. absolutely love the spring look! LOVE IT.

  4. Spring is always is a fun busy time for me.


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