Spring Blooming in Pink

Such a beautiful site as I left my retreat today. I believe these are Japanese Magnolias. The warm weather yesterday brought them out into full bloom.


  1. Absolutely Gorgeous Flowers! I found your blog through a dear friend, Silver Valley Girl. I have really enjoyed reading it. My love of poetry has been renewed!

  2. That is a beautiful shot. The tree is a magnolia liliflora. They are called tulip trees here although another tree with yellow flowers also uses tulip tree as a common name and I've hear this one call lily magnolia too. The ones where I live started blooming too early and got zapped with some nights in the 20s F. I love getting to see the big fat blossoms in your shot since only a few in my neighborhood had much of a bloom because they were too far along too early. When the buds are small they can handle some frost but usually can't handle low temps after they start to open.

  3. Anonymous28.4.08

    very pretty post. We always called them tulip trees. We had one in our yard for many years. I always thought it was so beautiful.

  4. I adore this time of year because of the promise of new colors and brightness and life every day!

  5. Welcome JoJo... I am glad you like poetry.
    Thanks Carver... I thought when I lived in another area they called them tulip trees.
    Charli and me: I don't know if they would do so well where I live.
    I agree 100% Tori!

  6. We had a nasty freeze when ours started blooming in town. Therefore the blossoms never came to fruition. There was some pink -- but a lot of brown burn. I really missed their glory this year.


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