Sibling Assignment # 59 and Celebrating National Poetry Month: Poem #6

This week's sibling assignment came from Raymond Pert: It's National Poetry Month. Post an entry focused on one poem that is currently important to you.

You will find RP's here soon and SVG's post about Primary Wonder here.

I have been reading ,rereading, studying, and enjoying poetry as we begin to move through National Poetry Month and I prepare to share some selections with my students as we return to school tomorrow. I found some new and old poems that I enjoyed this week-end. I kept coming across the term prose poem. Oftentimes poetry does lose the sound or theme because the form takes over. I found prose poems exciting. Here was one that struck a chord with me. I will explain why it is currently important to me.

Afternoon Nap
It is like finding a hole in the universe. A door nobody else knows about. You swing it open and crawl through into the streets of a small town. You pass the barbershop. The pharmacy. The bank. The grocery. Maybe a row of grain elevators on the edge of town. All the houses are white. People are sitting out on their porches as if they've been expecting you. They wave and say a few words. Some ask you to come up and visit for a time. They want to know what you were doing before you fell asleep and what you plan on doing when you wake up. They're fascinated by it all. Sleep is the sole religion of this town. Icons of their reclining saints are everywhere. On Sundays even the infirm gather their pillows and blankets and walk to church to lie down on the pews and worship their great and slumbering god. It's such a pleasant place, you almost hate to leave.

David Shumate

When I get overwhelmed I am drawn to the warm, comfortable bed for an afternoon nap. I am not much of a "watch television and nap in the chair" person and hammocks don't appeal to me. I like the darkness and comfort of my own room, often with the dogs or JEJ as nap companions. I have felt overwhelmed with events in life recently and this poem made me pause yesterday and picture that "happy place" I often want to go. A place where sleep rules!

A friend has been dealing with chemotherapy, another neighbor and friend died last night of cancer, a student wrote about being taken from her mother because of meth, a blog friend wrote a moving, but sad post about the loss of her dog, church members are struggling with how to help our pastor, and every day signs of poverty, foreclosures, political bickering, and war remind me that our world is not always that happy place. Those are the times I want to find that hole in the universe. Sometimes I do take an afternoon nap. Other times I focus on what is positive around me. Taking a walk or sitting in the greenhouse can help.

This morning the following scripture was a comfort and stayed with me long after I left church:
" Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy- meditate on these things." Philippians 4:8

I can't always take an afternoon nap, but I can often meditate on these things.

the photo was by gwen akin @graphistock image


  1. Whether in meditating on such a quote, or in the comfort of an afternoon nap, I hope you will find ease for your heart in such difficult times. It is hard to be surrounded by the pains of so many and not to be able to do much to ease them. Rest easy.

  2. Thanks for the kind words greenishlady.It is good advice.


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