Propagation: Notes From a Country Garden

We learned about five years ago how to propagate plants. I had always known how to put starts in water to root them. That works well with wandering jew, ivy, and coleus. Then we tried stem cuttings. This has been very successful with geraniums. Last Sunday was propagating day in the greenhouse. This year we also tried it with fuchsias and begonias.

Find a healthy stem cutting off the plant.
Dip the end of the stem in root hormone powder (found in any garden department of a store).
Place it in a small pot with potting mix added.
You can place a little plastic tent over it to create a little greenhouse. In the spring we don't find this necessary. We placed each plant in a sunny window.
Watch it and keep the water moist.
When it forms roots, move it to a bigger pot.
I especially like to do propagating of variegated varieties of geraniums that I enjoyed the season before. I also have success with scented geraniums.

A good resource book I find helpful is Seeds and Propagation by Susan McClure, from the Hands-On Gardener series by Smith and Hawkin.

Lily followed me around the greenhouse Sunday afternoon and was my little helper.


  1. does Lily eat any of the plants?
    I notice that after winter, our Contessa wants to chew the fresh sprouts.

  2. you are soooo lucky! I have gorgeous hot house geraniums that I compost every fall because I don't have any room for them. Maybe they should go to Lake Roosevelt for the winter....

  3. Lily is beautimus! I've been drinking in your poetry and photos. I must get Dave this book!
    Thanks :)

  4. Love a Lily :).. it is quite beautiful.. all the poetry and lovely images are simply dreamy.

  5. Pamela: Lily doesn't eat the plants. She is an indoor/outdoor cat so she gets plenty of green stuff.
    JBelle: It we had room I'd take them... we struggle with what we should save ourselves every fall!
    Thanks Tammy: I am glad you are enjoying the poetry.
    Shelby: Thanks so much... Lily is a sweetheart.


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