Odds and Ends from the Photo Collection: Lake Chelan Trip

When we first arrived at Lake Chelan State Park I thought these were "sign" from some animal. That shows how much I know about wild animals and their droppings. These were black walnuts and were everywhere around the camp sites. JEJ bagged some up after we cracked some and realized how tasty they were.

Because the lake was so low during our visit to Lake Chelan the groundhogs/woodchucks were everywhere in the rocks. This one didn't even move when I took his picture.

This guy seems to be looking longingly out to the lake in hopes of finding something.

Can you guess what these are? By the bright colors you would think they were some sort of candy. These are Trix. When was the last time you had a bowl of Trix? I got a variety pack of cold cereal for camping so this was one choice. My goodness... did we have such bright, colorful Trix back in the day?
Early on I began notice a unique decor added to the picnic tables around the park. No, these were not all mine. At first I thought the beer caps were just at our table.
When we took a hike we also found them at other places at the campground. We also spotted a bird nest, perhaps from last year. It was fun to review the photo collection and remember these unique photo images from our trip.


  1. Beautiful pictures.Hm-hope those really were walnuts!

  2. Interesting pictures! I like your new header, too!

  3. How much chuck...could a wood chuck chuck?

    He really is a pretty little guy.
    I saw some little creatures recently that I believe were weasels. I'm never sure.

  4. Cedar kid: JEJ had to try them first!
    Rondi: Thanks... I loved the picture in the greenhouse.
    Pamela: Woodchucks are pretty!


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