I've Been Tagged by Firefly Nights!

Firefly Nights tagged me last week to post 10 weird, random facts, or habits about myself. Since I just returned from camping I decided to list 10 habits of mine when I travel.
1. I always study maps. I am obsessed with routes, roads, and mileage. I never just "take a route on a whim." I have to know where I am going and how long it will take.
2. I panic mildly each time JEJ lifts up the hood of the truck. I try to take The Worse Case Scenario out of my head hoping it is only an oil check or low windshield wiper fluid (in this case it had to do with shorted wires and blinkers and back-up lights).
3. I take more pictures that I could ever need or want, even before I went digital. This goes for a ten-mile road trip around home or a journey to another state.
4. I have not learned the concept of taking small amounts of ingredients for meals when we camp. If I am making something that calls for a teaspoon of mustard, I bring a whole bottle.
5. I am always afraid the Campground Rule Police are going to jump out from behind a tree when as we set up camp and that I need to fill in my form, pay, keep the dogs leashed, and begin quiet hours before we go to the restroom.
6. I love to read all information when we arrive at the campground. I read that board that tells about boating rules (even though I've never owned a boat), camp hosts, summer programs, trails, bear warnings, courgar sightings, and whatever else might be posted.
7. I always want a campfire when we camp. If it is 90 degrees in the shade I really think we need a campfire at night. What is camping without a campfire? JEJ claps his hands when fire restrictions start.
8. I can never decide what book I want to read on a trip so I take five or six.
9. The car cannot move forward more than forty miles without having a good coffee drink in the cupholder.
10. When we arrive home from a trip and I put away the food we didn't need, the books I didn't read, the bedding that wasn't used, the CDs I didn't play, and the maps we didn't open I forget all this when I plan the next excursion. Oh well.... I sure love to plan and pack for a trip.
If you have ten weird, random facts or habits you want to share, please do this meme. It is always fun to learn new things about our blog friends.


  1. I am in a state of shock -- I could have written this meme!!! Every single one -- I repeat -- every single one could have been written by me!! I have maps that are disintegrating from being opened and closed, searching for the best or shortest or most scenic route. I bring at least 4 or 5 books -- even on a 2 day trip. I overpack food, clothing, have to practice self CPR when SB looks under the hood, even to just check the oil -- and throw away or delete more pics than I save. (Spooky music playing in background......) :-0

  2. I am totally with you on #1,8, and 9!

    I liked learning these random things about you

  3. ME2 with the mustard and food stuff. I'm wondering if I can buy those MRE's made for the military.
    ha ha.

    I'm just not surprised by any of these facts. They are all so very much YOU.

  4. I matched your list exactly! LOL

  5. It is so great to know I have other kindred spirits when it comes to traveling. A sign that great minds work alike!


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