Cutting Bandages for Africa

Our church has supported a missionary named Mary Jean Robertson for many years. She is a nurse that has devoted her life to bringing the word of God and better health care to the Democratic Republic of Congo. She has had supplies shipped in from churches in the United States and Canada. She has also helped with getting hospitals and schools build in this country. She has visited our church many times sharing the good news of the mission work with the people in the Republic of Congo. Recently we learned that one way our church could help was to cut bandages. Mary Jean explained that she could use bandages made of sheets. We just had to launder them, cut them in six inch strips and roll them up. They would use all colors and designs. A woman in our church began a drive to collect sheets. Members of our small church found old sheets, neighbor's sheets, and sheets from family and friends. Last Saturday we held our first Bandage Day to prepare the bandages to go to Mary Jean in Africa. It was a fun day of fellowship with the other women in the church and what a worthwhile cause!
We are gathering next Saturday to cut more bandages. I think these bandages will brighten up any health facility they end up at.


  1. This is a cool thing you're doing! It reminded me of Rilla of Ingleside (one of the last in the Anne of Green Gables series) when Rilla rolls bandages for the war...very romantic...

    And your poetry book by teachers, Teaching with Fire, (on your bookshelf) is one of my all-time favorite poetry books. I've read much of it to our staff over the past few years. Great stuff in there!

  2. What a great project. I just wrote a story about three women here in the valley who are planning to take a 3 week mission's trip to Kenya in January. I'll post in on my blog once it is finished. It was fascinating to listen to "Mama Bernice", the missionary from there, talk about her work.

  3. It really was a great project. I went back this last Saturday and we got even more done!


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