A Celebration of the Arts Around Lake Roosevelt

This week the students and staff at our school were entertained and instructed by a wide variety of artists thanks to an Arts Consortium through the Washington State Arts Commission. Our rural students absolutely loved having opportunities to learn about a variety of arts through guest performers. Members of the local Noisy Water Drumming group gave students an opportunity to drum and perform songs to honor our local Colville Tribe.

Tommy worked with the students on improv theater and had everyone using movement and performing without scripts. He had this teacher laughing loudly as I watched my students act out scenes such as honeymoon and romantic zombies.

The One World Taiko Japanese Rhythm Drums from Seattle instructed our students in the moves, language, and sound of this style of drumming.

Another artist Shelley Graham led students through a workshop of making figures from recycled material.
Later in the gym the recycled people looked like they were playing the Japanese drums.Two staff members and one of the Japanese drummers helped out in demonstrating some gymnastics routines and... everyone got to hula hoop.Gloria de los Santos directs the Arts Consortium and was responsible for bringing this amazing group of artists to our school. She is a well-known artist herself and has a passion for providing these experiences to the rural students of Ferry and Stevens Counties in the state of Washington. To see more of Gloria's art go to http://www.gloriadelossantos.com/ . Gloria has also organized the North Country Trail Artists which is an incredible self-guided tour of artists in northeastern Washington and Southern British Columbia. You can learn about this here. I have often focused on the natural beauty of life on Lake Roosevelt here on this blog, but we are also blessed with an arts community that is alive and well in our corner of the world.


  1. what a great idea.
    I saw the Native American Drums at the pow wow last year. I would like to learn to drum and sing one of their old songs.

  2. looks like a wonderfully inspiring event

  3. I enjoyed this post and photographs. Sounds like a great event for the students.

  4. I love when these special people come into schools and inspire and bring something a little different to students lives...... we have these different groups come into our schools and they ALWAYS make for a fun day.....


  5. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your visit and encouraging words. I'm sorely behind on blogging and email, but feeling much better now and finally catching up, slowly but surely.

    It was so good to hear from you and to visit your blog again. Reading your posts is always a breath of fresh air. Just wish I had the time to stop in more often. Keep up the great work! ;o)

  6. I think this is such a great thing your school does for your students. I am determined to do something like this next year! I'm sure it was just as inspiring for you as it was the kids.

  7. Thanks to all of you. It really was a great experience. My students are still talking about it this week!


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