Celebrating National Poetry Month: Poem #2

Dawn Revisted

Imagine you wake up
with a second chance: The blue jay
hawks his pretty wares
and the oak still stands, spreading
glorious shade. If you don't look back,

the future never happens.
How good to rise in sunlight,
in the prodigal smell of biscuits-
eggs and sausage on the grill.
The whole sky is yours

to write on, blown open
to a blank page. Come on,
shake a leg! You'll never know
who's down there, frying those eggs,
if you don't get up and see.

Rita Dove (1952- )

Whenever I visit an area I look for bookstores. Yesterday I found a gem in Chelan called Riverwalk Books. I discovered a new volume of poetry that I already love called 100 Poems to Lift Your Spirits, edited by Leslie Pockell. The above poem came from the collection. I will share more about the bookstore in a later post.


  1. I hope you are having a lovely time on your trip.

  2. That sure had some pictures for my thoughts. Especially the part about getting up to see who's frying those eggs.

    Takes me back to the old wood stove - and the smell of the matches that dad used in the wee hours to start warming the house before dawn.

  3. We did have a good time Yolanda.
    Pamela: I love the smell of wood stoves and of course sausage or bacon cooking!


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