Celebrating National Poetry Month: #17

Jump Rope Rhyme for Our Time

Junk mail, junk mail,
look look look:
bargain offer coupon,
catalogue book.

Junk mail, junk mail
free free free:
trial sample,

Here's an offer
you can't let pass:
an artificial lawn
with real crab grass.

Twenty cents off,
just go to the store
and buy what you don't want,
then buy some more.

Junk mail, junk mail,
what's my name?
My name is Dear Occupant
and yours is the same.
-Eve Merriam


  1. I've caught up on all your treasure's.

    Love the poetry
    Wonderful tribute to Virginia Tech.
    Your church rocks!
    I wanted to be a campfire girl but mom decided girl scouts.

    Headers are always lovely too. :)

  2. heh heh... some of it we might be able to shred and compost. Just have to figure out which, I guess.

  3. Thanks for all the kind words Tammy.
    Great idea Pamela... compost!


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