Celebrating National Poetry Month: #12

Haida Plank House, northwest coast Indians

Longhouse Song

Elm bark is my skin
bent saplings my bones
my mouth that draws
in the living wind
is the door to the coming of sun.

My breath
is the smoke
rising up to join sky.
My heart is the fire
in the circle of stones.

My eyes, my spirit
and my thoughts
belong to those
who keep close to the earth
their dreams held
by the circle of seasons.

Joseph Bruchac


  1. ...shivers... up my spine....
    I grew up near the Mucklesh**t reservation and our nearest native neighbor "White Eagle" made totems for a living.
    I don't know why we never purchased one.

  2. Happy Sunday!

    loved this..

    Hey - I did a movie slide show finally.. come see :)

    You inspired me a while back, and I finally got around to getting it done..


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