Weekend Snapshots: Spring Is Fickle!

It was warm and sunny on Saturday. JEJ and I enjoyed the sunshine, we worked in the yard, and I was able to finally catch the rabbits for a picture. They loved sunning themselves in the afternoon warmth.

These two rabbits are not Easter Bunnies. They are Rose Rabbits. Let me explain. When I was attempting to amend my soil... I mean sand ... when I moved to this house I read that rabbit droppings were an excellent cold fertilizer that can be added immediately to plants. Roses love rabbit fertilizer. We enjoy our two rabbits, but they are also workers. They produce the food that makes our roses (and other plants) grow. We have two males so we don't have to be concerned about a population explosion. Sherman and Barnaby (named for creeks close to us) have been loyal providers and have outlived our expectations and continue to give us fertilizer year after year. If we can figure out how to discourage Annie from sampling the rabbit droppings we will have a perfect system!

After a day of yard work and garden tours it was amazing to be able to sit at the table outside and have it warm enough to enjoy the evening sunshine while eating dinner.
What a difference this morning. Easter Sunday dawned with huge snowflakes falling. Celebrating Easter with a feast outside was not going to happen. I am glad the tablecloth is waterproof and I picked up the cushions before I went to church.

I know... don't fool with Mother Nature.... but come on.... this is getting old!

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  1. Beautiful photos and narrative. Your rabbits are wonderful garden helpers. Once the warm weather comes, you will be able to enjoy the deck AND the flowers.

    Happy Easter.

  2. I enjoyed learning about your rabbits. Great shot. I'm just sorry you aren't getting a break in the weather.

  3. Seriously? rabbit fertilizer is good for roses?

  4. Maybe you should rename them the Energizer Bunnies....because they keep going, and going, and going.

  5. Thanks for stopping by again Sandy and yes, I am looking forward to that time.
    Carver: it can only get better!
    Yes JBelle:rabbit droppings are the best.... also rabbit pellets that you buy to feed the rabbits work well with the roses... high in nitrogen.
    SVG: Good idea... can you believe they are still alive?

  6. cute rabbits! i love playing with them when i was still a small girl. but yours is nice because they do sth good for ur household.

    wish you a nice "cool" easter!

  7. What a great idea! To use rabbit droppings as fertiliser.

    awww.... I would love to sit outside with the awesome view for my Easter dinner!

  8. What wonderful pictures. Happy Easter!!!

  9. As I understand ancient history, rabbit droppings are an excellent source of the active ingredient in coffee that I so crave. You should consider 'havesting' the droppings, drying them, and then grinding them up for a taste treat.

  10. I didn't know that about rabbit poo.
    We have cottontails that run about our neighborhood (if they can keep away from the dogs and cats)


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