Spring Project #1: Extreme Deck Makeover

When the previous owners of our house did an addition on the deck the wood wasn't treated and the boards were put close together. After twelve years of hot sun, rain, snow, and cold that part of the deck was a wreck. We knew we had to do something and after much debate decided to just take that part of the deck off. That meant moving the railing and relocating a few plants, but it was a good decision.
Taking that part off left room for me to create a new garden that will get lots of sunshine.
JEJ moved the railing then hauled off the posts to use for another project. Here is the extreme deck makeover. I appreciate all the hard work JEJ put into this project.It is smaller, the rotten steps and boards have been removed, and the railings are readjusted. Some of the wood that was still good was recycled into raised beds and a border. I have already planned the new cut flower garden to be seeded into the beds in front of the two railings.
Kit was a bit concerned when his favorite sitting spot was down, but now that the railing is back up and attached he is one happy cat!


  1. How exciting. I can't wait to see it!!

  2. When is the celebration barbecue??
    hint hint... ha ha ha ha

  3. oh yes you must have a celebration bbq...tell me when :)

  4. wow! talk about a fast start to spring!

  5. Anonymous26.3.08

    We also need to redo our deck this year. As a compromise for cost, I think we're going to sand the existing deck boards and then paint or stain them, and then do the new railing in Trex or a similar composite material.

  6. Looks great....... I love those deck things you all have - the deck in the house where we stayed in Maine last summer was bigger then the whole downstairs of me little house lmfao......



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