Snow Creates A Change In Plans

Our spring break plans changed this morning when we awoke to find five inches of snow.

Not only did we have the snow, but the area along the border of Oregon and Washington also had bad weather alerts. We stayed home.
Once again it looks like all these items around the yard are wearing little snowy hats.
For once I was already to go. The truck and tent trailer were organized and ready to depart this morning. BOOOOOO HOOOOOO!
Now tomorrow we are heading to Lake Chelan which is closer and more in the central part of the state. JEJ lived in this area years ago and hasn't been back for awhile so now I have a whole new plan and look forward to spending time on the Columbia River closer to home.

We will be camping on the left side of this lake tomorrow night..... I hope!!!


  1. Sorry to hear the weather ruined your plans, but glad you are able to still do a little traveling.

  2. oh it is sooooo cold. I hope you stay warm

    It was supposed to snow here -- but the wind blew and the hail flew... but no snow.

  3. I am sooooo jealous! (pouting) And I *love* the new Easter picture.

  4. Happy camping! Hopefully the weather will warm up. It is amazing to have this much snow so late in the season! We just returned from spring break to the Oregon coast. There was fresh snow on the Coastal range and the Cascade mountains. . .and snow at our house yesterday as well! Ours didn't stick here like yours did, though. I really, really hope you get some sunshine to warm your spring break! Have a fun time!


  5. Anonymous30.3.08

    We camped for years in a Coleman pop-up and were snowed on several times, but we never had a trip delayed because of an unexpected snow storm. Hope the weather gets better for you. Looks like you're going to a beautiful area.

    When you get back and read this you'll find that you've been tagged to tell some things about yourself. Directions can be found on my blog.


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