Sibling Assignment # 57: Vivaldi, Abecedarian, and Experiment

This week Silver Valley Girl gave the sibling assignment : Listen to this piece of music: Vivaldi’s Concerto for Violin, and write what you hear. You will find her's here soon, and Raymond Pert's here.

I listened to it many times and as I observed the activity out the window it reminded me of a concerto playing as spring tries to arrive. Yesterday I read Tumblewords post for Sunday Scribblings and loved her poem which I learned was called an abecedarian. I decided to take the piece of music and experiment with abecedarian.
Concerto for Early Spring
After winter
Bulbs began to awaken
Crocus do the maiden voyage
Despite the snow.
Ever hardy daffodils emerge,
Forsythias' buds begin to swell
Giving us hope for early spring.
How long before we till the earth?
Ice still covers the pond,
Just a bit of snow remaining in the garden plot,
Knowing birds are now being sighted,
Longer days begin,
Morning sun has shifted,
Nests will soon be constructed
Over the wedding garden.
Presiding over the concerto the
Quail quickly cross the road,
Robins look for worms,
Starlings return to their same house
Too high to tempt the cats.
Until this season arrives
Very soon I hope
We'll sit by the fire
X-tremely excited for a change while
Yearning for shades of yellow and green
Zigzagging through the yard.
by inland empire girl

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  1. You did a great job! It makes sense but follows the alphabet!

  2. I love your "abcdefg..." poem! A succesful experiment in my opinion!

    And I've played the Vivaldi -it's a glorious piece of music :)

  3. Very clever abecedarian. Some day I am going to attempt one. I am so afraid of X.

  4. Simply brilliant and inspiring. I'd never heard of that form until Tummmblewords. A must try!

  5. I saw tumbleword's writing too! Nice job this came out beautiful- I hope to try one of these types too! You made me ready to start gardening! thank you!!

  6. I love 'after winter'. Grin. It's been a real one this year. Really enjoyed your poem - it has a smooth and thoughtful voice, warm and welcome.

  7. Wonderful! You did a great job with this one. I can just feel the anticipation building for spring. And having our first temps above freezing today sure doesn't hurt! lol

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I really appreciate your kind comments. ;o)

  8. Such an encouraging poem--and silly me, I didn't notice the 'alphabet' structure until, um, later. And those 'crocuses on their maiden voyage'--such nice work.
    Also, thanks for your kind words and for sharing your wolf experiences. I feeling like a new person and reading your M. Luther quote helped lift me up. thanks!!

  9. I loved this! One of my favorite writing exercises is to have kids write to classical music. I've sometimes given them three different pieces that have the same thing in mind (say a thunderstorm) and had them listen to see if they could guess what they were hearing...all good stuff. I like the poem form, too.

  10. A lovely piece and a great idea. I always play classical music as I write, so I really must have a go at this myself. Have you considered posting a recording of the piece alongside your work?

  11. hello neighbor... livin in cda... have you listened to the zags station that plays commercial-less classical music.. it is beautiful... i saw the crocus yesterday.. snow is melting.. yeah!!!.. i think i will rake this weekend... yr post is simply beautiful and like your sibling assignments they are very creative... especially the writer response to music heard..

  12. Very, very clever. I love it!
    Every little sign of spring is exciting for sure :)

  13. Thanks for your comments. I tried this idea with my students and it was a big hit.


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