Postcards from Chelan: Road Trip Day 2

Today we awoke to sunshine and the sound of squirrels chattering. It was a bit chilly, but I was still out with the camera catching some photo images in the early morning light. We then drove up the west side of Lake Chelan and enjoyed views of the Cascade Mountains Lake Chelan is a remnant of the Ice Ages. Scoured out of the mountains by glaciers, it is one of the deepest lake in the region, more than 1500 feet deep in at least one place. It is 55 miles long, but quite narrow. We also located places that JEJ remembered from his childhood living in Chelan. He pointed out the Chelan Butte above as he explained how he broke his ankle. He and a friend were trying to get to a groundhog and had to move a big rock. He tripped on some sagebrush and broke his ankle. Just seeing the butte brought it all back. Of course we viewed this from the parking lot of the new WalMart that wasn't there back in the day.
The last part of our road trip today was on the north shore to Manson. The road was lined with orchards and vineyards. We could tell in a few months all this area would be fragrant with fruit blossoms and the grape vines would be growing their leaves back. After taking the dogs for a long run along the lake we were ready for a quiet evening. It was a good day.


  1. What a beautiful place. Great shots! I'm glad you are enjoying your vacation.

  2. Anonymous3.4.08

    Lovely photos. I'm glad the weather improved for you. We haven't been camping for a while. Just sleep in our trailer going to and from our place in Michigan four or five times a year. Not as much fun as camping.

  3. It was a beautiful place and the weather did really improve. Because of the bright sunshine we actually turned on the AC in the car. It was windy when we got out of the car though.


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