March Madness: Snow, Cougs, Zags

March Madness began when I looked out the window as I awoke this morning. The first day of spring greeted us with snow. I can only hope these daffodils are hardy. I have to say they do stand out more in white surroundings.
My angel's pages on her book were covered with wet snow also this first day of spring.
March Madness was in full swing by the time I sat and watched the WSU Cougars play. Kyle Weaver contributed 14 points as they beat Winthrop 73-40.The Madness of March will continue tomorrow as I peek at the Gonzaga scores between class periods in the morning. I hope Austin Daye can put lots of baskets in like the one above.


  1. I've called a mandatory staff meeting for tomorrow, 9 am, at O'Doherty's. ;)

  2. Wow! I didn't even know they opened that early. I would so want to be there. I just hope their next game will be a better time... there WILL be another game.

  3. uhhhhhh The Oregon Ducks? uhhhhh

    The Oregon Ducks are in, too....

  4. I saw the zags bow out -- but I haven't heard what happened to wazzoo


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