" I Just Don't Get It"

Here is my list for Sunday Scribblings this week:

"I just don't get it...
when snow piles up and makes driving dangerous on March 21st,
why is takes so long to level out sleeping patterns after the time change,
why people with the ways and means don't have a single book in their house,
why some teachers don't give second chances to students,
when our cats disappear and then return. Where do they go?"

"I just don't get it...
why weeds can survive a cold, cold winter and still be there under the snow,
and yet some of the hardiest roses look ready for dead.
why whiteflies never seem to die,
and how dog and cat hair can multiply after it is shed off and placed on my black jacket."

"I just don't get it...
why the day I am running late I always get behind the mail lady that drives 30 mph,
and more deer, turkeys, quail, and dogs are visible on both sides of the road,
and my key won't work in the door entering the building,
and I discover there was also a meeting I was to attend fifteen minutes ago."

" I really just don't get it....
when wireless connections won't jive with the laptop,
and the security letters you type in for a comment don't work,
Blogger won't let you load pictures,
and pictures I am sure I have downloaded cannot be found!"

"I just don't get it...
when a person can't find something of beauty each day,
when we hear more negative news than positive,
and that all people don't count their blessings one by one!"
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  1. Yeah, where do those cats go anyway! And it always seems that the days that you are late, more inconveniences jump on the wagon with you to make you even later!! Have a nice Easter!!

  2. Happy Easter Holidays........ I just dont get it, I so wish I did :(....


  3. Your Scribblings were right on the mark... I can relate to them all... LOL.... beautiful pictures, by the way...
    Happy Easter.

  4. I feel positive today! I don't care was the news says.

  5. Wonderful list that I can really relate to. Does anyone know the purpose of those silly letters below the comment box that we must copy if our comment is to be sent?

  6. Well I don't know about the silly letters, but I think we share a fear of spam, so it's like wearing a copper bracelet to ward of arthritis. Hey, if it works...who cares how it works. Actually, I've had people leave some comments with adlinks or with badlinks and I hope the letters stop them. The internet world of blogging is sort of like the Wild West, methinks.

  7. i just have to say you are not alone when it comes to things never going according to hoyle when you are running late!!!!!

  8. I really enjoyed that.
    I think cats must go to some feline dimension that isn't accessible to us humans hehe

    (yours is so cute sitting there between the dogs)

  9. A fun scramble of musings!

    But I think I especially love your final comments about finding beauty each day! That should be a compulsory part of living!


  10. that cat question has haunted me for ages.
    However... I do know that somebody has a cat that comes to my back yard when it is out caterwaulin!!

  11. Perfectly put ;) less cat hair, less negativity with more positivity, well done, fantastic!

  12. That security letters one really bugs me. And the books!

    Very good observations these.

  13. Thanks for the comments, especially the theories about our cats!!!

  14. Tell me about it! You came up with some great ponderings. ;) I think the cats are hunting, at least pretending to. lol

    Happy Easter!

    BTW beautiful shots!

  15. Enjoyed your list and photos! I had a cat once that didn't come back. No note, no call. Just gone. My first and last cat.

  16. It's snowing for Easter here in Aveyron, France too -- and in much of France, for that matter. Very strange.

  17. You raise some interesting questions, especially about what happens when you're late. Happened to me again today, in fact.

    You'd think we'd all just learn to grin and make a joke of it, but somehow, we can't.

  18. Anonymous25.3.08

    Enjoyed your post. I think we all can identify with the questions you raised. I especially like the beautiful photos on your site. As a Washington gal myself, and with a best friend who lived in Addy for many years, I am familiar with your neighborhood. It's beautiful there....but then, the whole durn state is gorgeous.

  19. excellent list... another strange day of weather here in cda, id... snow, hail, rain.. and it's spring... thank goodness not feet of snow... i really laughed at some of the topics you picked.. dog and cat hair on black...yeppers...just got my black coat outta the cleaners now it's covered again... deer are in the road everywhere... best part counting our blessings... thank you


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