Familiar Phrases

I attended a poetry writing workshop at a conference on Saturday. We did a prompt that involved a list of "buzz" words connected with a proverb, adage, or familiar phrase.

flickr photo by Amy Watts

Familiar Phrases

"For crying out loud" has a familiar ring

As pans banged on the stove.
Mother's wonderings arose above the whir of the washer.
Did you lick those beaters and put them back in the dough?
Did you sterilize that needle before removing that sliver?
Did you wipe your boots before walking on these floors?
Did you spray the blackberry stains on your new shirt?

"Better safe than sorry" is the warning
that clacks around in my head.
Don't get close to the cliff.. you might fall off,
Go gargle with salt water... you may lose your voice,
Spin slowly so you don't end up sick,
Cradle your sister's head when you pick her up.

Around the corner by the orchard my car
left the snowy road
spinning around to again face north.
Her voice was a whisper I heard in my ear,
" Don't ever drive when the roads are slick."

by inlandempiregirl


  1. :)
    I remember my mom saying:
    "You don't want to do that, do you?"

    It was her way of saying SHE didn't want me to do that.

  2. oh, can I send this to my mother? :D

  3. I want a beater right now!!! This was great...and loving...

  4. I love these photos....and the sayings too.
    I need to bake something...you've made me hungry :)
    What time of day was the snowy road scene taken? It's gorgeous!

  5. Loved your poem. I copied it into my journal with your pertinent info.
    I have written some and took a course once.
    Mama Bear


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