Even With Snow... It Still Feels Like Spring

Snow is still waiting for warm weather to melt it away. As we sit outside though we feel the warmth of spring sunshine, enjoy a blue sky, and see signs of life in the garden. The dogs love being outside more and it is hard to keep us inside also!


  1. Though our winters are never as cold here in California, we've been especially blessed this month with some early spring weather here. Hope spring weather comes soon for you!

  2. We certainly had spring a fortnight before this last week or so.... it was beautiful up til then lol..... severe winds and floods and storms...... all me daffs are done and dusted and everything is now shooting into new growth......

    Hope your spring comes soon.....


  3. I was so excited about the fact warm weather has come and last night it snowed and snowed and snowed and now it is a winter wonderland once more... I'm hoping the weekend will melt it all! Have a happy weekend and think warm thoughts! :)

  4. We got a tiny bit of snow this morning but the flowers we planted are singing. ;)

    Nice polaroid collage!

  5. The only thing wrong with spring is the mud the dog tracks in the house (and sometimes the mud I track into the house!).

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments and spring is even closer today. Yes ordinary janet... the mud is bad!


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