The Annual Carnival: A School Tradition for Many Generations

Once a year our gym at school turns into a traditional carnival. Since we are a K-12 school the middle school and high school students set up booths that include games of chance, balloon sales, a lollipop tree,and Bingo. Elders that remember taking their children to the carnival are now watching their grandchildren and great-grandchildren enjoy the games and fun. I have been here long enough now that I have former students bringing their young children in strollers to try the Fish Pond or Tiger Basketball.Of course there was also a cake walk, but now the cakes all have to be baked at school by people who are certified food handlers. It was a popular event all evening. There was also a jail that people used tickets to have someone thrown in . That also was very popular. Whew! I escaped being thrown in jail.These are the booths our middle school students were in charge of tonight. They did an impressive job decorating them with bright colors. This was right before the doors were open for customers. My favorite booth decor was the Fish Pond done by a few of my artistic students. Each class in the high school has king and queen candidates. The king and queen are chosen by the amount of raffle tickets they sell. The stage is decorated beautifully for the crowning held at the end of the evening. One of my students came to get the staple gun again, but had to show off his prizes: a great smiley face hat, pink sunglasses, and handcuffs. Bingo continues long into the night until all the prizes are given away. Kids go home with bags of prizes and tired smiles on their faces. A fortunate few will go home with raffle prizes. Staff members keep an eye on the clock knowing soon they can go home and sit in an easy chair and put up their feet!

It is well worth it all!


  1. That's a good picture of you, but we really can't see you behind the camera. You are hiding. Young people sometimes get the benefit of fun and games, but we old folks know better. We were there. We still are and we have fun sometimes!

  2. Anonymous8.3.08

    I used to love to go to those school carnivals. I miss it. The pictures brought back wonderful memories of when we used to go with our children.

  3. Oh my, this sounds like our infant/junior school summer fayre that I help start up over 20 years ago and is going strong and bigger each year even now.... it was a little something I started back then and I love that it still going strong......

    Also we started in our village scouting group a 'Dinosaur Derby' back 15 years ago now, in the field as one approaches our village every September.... its become the BIGGER village event of the year and our only fund raising day for our scouts, thousands upon thousands of people turn up from all over..... and we make about $16k on the one day.... of course it takes weeks to organise each year but oh my what fun, and so many happy faces.....

    ok sorry, just waffling here, I aint been around for a while lol


  4. I'm happy to see these are still going on. I'd love to attend one. Not having grands close by, I miss out on some of these things. Our churches are doing these now as alternatives to trick or treat.
    Mama Bear


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