A Year in the Blog Life: 427 Posts Later

A year ago today I pulled up a chair and began "Gathering Around the Table". In my first post I introduced my love for the Inland Empire. I had joined my brother and sister with a weekly sibling assignment about three months prior. Since they had begun blogs and posted their writing each week that was my inspiration to join in. I have found this experience to be rewarding and look forward to posting and reading others' blogs each day. I reflected back on a Year in the Blog Life with the following video. I hope you continue to pull up a chair and join me around the table for year two.


  1. Dear IEG,
    What a beautiful blog you have created here. I am very new to this medium (this is day 4, I think), and I look forward to looking back on my first year as a blogger. I envy the beauty of your surroundings. I live in Ohio, which also has some breathtakingly beautiful areas. I love riding my bike on the old canal towpath trails. But the most beautiful aspect of my life is my family: 6 kids, 15 grandkids. They make every place beautiful. Keep up the great work,and come visit me sometime! Dawn

  2. uhoh. quick meeting at my place. we'll wait for you to start. (Congratulations. I think your tag line after your title should be Light in the Greenhouse...because of course, there's so much light here. You have had a WONDERFUL year!)

  3. I've enjoyed sharing your year with you. In many ways you have inspired me to do more writing and photographing because I see how much another busy English teacher does...and therefore I have no excuses!!!

  4. I love the video you put together about your year in blogging. Wonderful photographs and the song choices were great too. I'm pleased to have met you through this blog.

  5. Happy Blogiversary!

  6. Your blog is a beautiful oasis. Happy blog anniversary!

  7. This is possibly me favourite place to visit...... I cant believe your only a year old..... you only started 10 days before me?.... what an inspiration you and your siblings have been to me over this past year.... you have given me a sense of peace and calm and smiles and laughter.....

    This blob is just beautiful as is your family.......

    Raising me marmite toast and giving you a toast to another wonderful blobbing year.....


  8. Happy Anniversary, friend! The video was so fun to watch and so full of beautiful images.
    Here's to another great year on your blog.

  9. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

    The video is wonderful, and it's no wonder you love the inland empire so much -it's a gorgeous place. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  10. I love your production! Wish I could condense mine in such a medium. I was also moved by the fact that your blog was started through a sibling connection. Many in my family got online when my brother Danny was sick and since he died we have not gone a day without email talking. Everything, including my blog, started with that. We call it the Lovelink.

  11. Dawn, Thanks for visiting. You will love blogging. I will be over to check yours out.
    JBelle: Interesting meme... I will do it soon. Your comments have meant a lot to me.
    Rondi, I am glad I inspired you. A few papers may not have gotten read when I was blogging though!:)
    Thanks Carver: I had fun doing it.
    l^2: Thanks, your blog has inspired me so much!
    Katrina: I always love your comments. I was so sorry I had to miss the blogfest. We will meet up again.
    Marmite: See.. I thought you had been doing that blog forever! RP let me know about your blog right away. Such great stories from the shelves of your mind.
    Noni: Thank you. I look forward to continuing another year.
    becca: I am blessed to live in a beautiful corner of the world.
    Colleen: It was fun sorting the pictues and figuring out the video. My brother led me to your blog. I love that you had that family connection also.

  12. First, you make me drool with that gorgeous piece of cake. Please, please make it jump off the screen and onto my plate.

    Then, I watch your video and quickly realize it's the best blog anniversary remembrance I've seen yet. Very impressive.

    There are three or four blogs on your list that I regularly read so I found you through one of them, I've forgotten which. I enjoy reading about the people, places, and pets you write about and seeing all your photos. You make it all very interesting. I enjoy reading blogs like yours that take the time to tell a story. I also know little about your area, so your regional photos and info are also great.

  13. I tried commenting this morning, but blogger decided I was an automated message and wouldn't approve it and the blocked me out. So I'm trying again.

    Congratulations on faithfully and joyfully blogging for an entire year! I have enjoyed your posts and photos very much! And most of all I've enjoyed making a new friend. I think that's awesome!

    Wishing you another wonderful year ahead! Keep writing!


  14. Very cleverly done slide show, and I enjoyed the music too. I saw Funny Girl way back before I was married while staying in Brisbane, QLD. That song brought back memories :)
    Congratulations on your first year of blogging. It's been a real pleasure getting to know you and your corner of the world. You are an inspiring writer, and I'll bet you're an inspiring teacher too. Those are lucky kids in your classes :)
    I had my second blogiversary in January and didn't even realize it until last week!
    Here's to another interesting year!


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