Winter Beauty on the Morning Drive

In northeastern Washington we didn't get as much snow as anticipated last night. I still left very early this morning not knowing what condition I would find the roads. This provided an opportunity for me to appreciate the morning beauty as I drove along Lake Roosevelt. It also gave me enough time to snap some pictures. Barnaby Island above has been featured often on this blog, but I was glad I caught it during this snowy season. The snow west of the island is where the "big lake" is freezing over. The landscape changes often during my sixteen mile drive to work. This corridor of trees provides a tunnel-like feeling during one part of the journey. Looking down the road I anticipated a beautiful sunrise.Quickly I moved out of the trees and into the open fields of farmland where I could enjoy the soft, pastel clouds of that sunrise. This is the last big hill I have to gingerly navigate each morning. I also know I am close to my destination.When I turn the last corner the sunrise, mountains, and my school will come into view. I realize the snow is causing much difficulty this winter season, but it also carries with it a peaceful beauty.


  1. Beautiful photographs. I particularly liked the first one although they are all good. I'm glad you can enjoy the beauty of winter in spite of the difficulties.

  2. Great photos. I love the sky in the first one. Beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful morning drive!

  4. wonderful skyscapes here!

  5. There certainly is a peaceful beauty in your early morning snow scenes. I'm glad you took the time to take these photos and share them with us. The landscape is gorgeous there!
    I enjoyed reading your sibling assignment posts, especially the one about mealtimes :)


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