Weekend Snapshots: High 20 on Sherman Pass

Saturday we decided to take a drive up Sherman Pass on Highway 2o to see how the snow situation was and to look for photo opportunities. This is the east/west pass between Kettle Falls and Republic. We were surprised at how much snow had melted close to the road. The mountains were still covered and there were places the plows had piled it higher. This is White Mountain where a huge forest fire took the trees away many years ago.

When we reached the summit I could tell we had a spectacular sunset over the horizon looking west.

The clouds were a golden color and the mix of white snow and dark blue mountains was beautiful .We finally got a full panaromic view after traveling over the summit. Looking in the valley below Sherman Pass we could see the western side had much more snow left. Perfect timing, perfect views. It doesn't get better than this.

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  1. Those are all beautiful but the last two amaze me because the blue mountains almost look like a body of water. Spectacular. Truly perfect timing and prefect views.

  2. I love the views from here.

  3. Sherman Pass. (Need to add that to one of my weekend short trips. I've never been there..am sure)

  4. What a beautiful trip this was!

  5. what wonderful views, looks like a stunning drive!


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