Top Ten Signs Spring Is Coming

Each day there are more hints that spring is around the bend. I watch the weather, not the calendar.

Top Ten Signs Spring Is Coming
10. The geraniums in the greenhouse are ready to be repotted. 9. By the looks of these leaves they are about ready to be propagated for new spring plants.

8. The sun is coming up earlier and we can view the sunrise on a clear morning.
7. Everywhere we look we find dog and cat hair.
6.Two words: Seed catalogues.
5. The strong smell of dead skunk is in the air as you travel to town.
4. The car barely missed a deer as they are getting more active in the evening.
3. The drawdown has begun on Lake Roosevelt and the island is showing again at the bridge.
2. I saw makings for strawberry shortcake on display at the store.
1. The number one sign that spring is coming....enough of the ice has melted in the driveway that you can use the sand path without falling three times while trying to get to the gate.


  1. Your geraniums are beautiful. I'm glad that you are beginning to get signs that spring is coming. Those are all lovely shots.

  2. lovely lovely geraniums.. I'm so ready for spring.

  3. I hope you don't mind -- I might copy your idea. We are having gorgeous weather here. Snow is nearly gone on the higher foot hills.

  4. Do you have good luck repotting your geraniums? Last year 2 that I repotted lost all their leaves and never really recovered enough to do anything. I left most of the others alone and just added compost.
    I'll be taking some cuttings for new plants soon.
    I haven't smelled skunk yet :)
    That memiors book sounds great. Sounds like it'll teach you a lot. I'd love to read it.

  5. Lovely sharing. Thank you.

    I wonder how a dead skunk smells like. Must be rather intolerable.

    I love Spring!


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