Shelby's Meme of Five

Crafty Green Poet tagged me, Shelby the Australian Cattle Dog to answer some questions about myself. My owner, Inland Empire Girl, is typing for me so blame her for any mistakes.

Here are the questions:

A) What are your five favorite songs?

Walzing Matilda... it's an Australian thing!

Theme from Man from Snowy River... ditto about the Australian thing.

Who Let the Dogs Out?
Walking On Sunshine... the hotter the better!

Annie's Song... in honor of my mate Annie
B) What are your five favorite toys?

1. My red ball

2. Inland Empire Girl's snowman pillows..... ooops!

3. An empty plastic jug that bounces on ice.

4. Any toy that belongs to a cat
5. A boomerang if I had one mate!

C) What are five things you love to eat?
1. people food in any shape or form

2. canned cat food

3. dog bones

4. anything off the barbie...

5. and lollies... it's another Australian thing

D) What are five of your favorite activities?

1. Herding the cats... it is a tough job, but I am born to herd

2. Riding in the car... around the driveway, down the road, or all the way to town

3. Digging for treasures in the dirt (when it thaws)

4. Waking up Inland Empire Girl in the morning my jumping on the bed

5. Trying to clean up the rabbit droppings in the rabbit hutch... I am helping!

E. What are five of your bad habits?

1. Begging... I know, but it is so hard not to.

2. Getting excited and jumping on people I love... sorry Silver Valley Girl... I can't resist

3. Barking at deer on the hillside... I know, I know... they aren't hurting me... but why are they there?

4. Grabbing things I am not supposed to then trying to play chase with grown-ups... not good... they give me the frowny face.

5. Doing my " this is my property... stop now" bark when the utility, UPS, or FedEx bloke comes to the gate. I'm sorry..they could be a robber hiding behind that uniform.
Now I am supposed to tag others. I don't know which of my pet friends' owners have blogs, so feel free to do this meme if you want to. I hope I get another chance to dictate answers on Inland Empire Girl's blog. This was fun. G'day!


  1. thanks for joining in! I enjoyed reading!

  2. Christy, this was a great post! I had to laugh at Shelby choosing IEG's snowman pillows for toys...My Belgian Malinois Brodie adopted my snowman pillows as his babies when they came out at Christmas and mourned when daddy put them away for the year! Love your blog!!

  3. What fun to read about those adorable pets of yours. O.K. if I try too?
    Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day, IEG!

  4. Oh, this was so much fun! I should have Magic and Molly do one of these, shouldn't I?

  5. Anonymous14.2.08

    This was great. You should join Dogs on Thursday
    and use this as your first posting.

  6. G'day Shelby! You did a bang up job with this meme Mate. Fair dinkum!
    Remember this one?:
    "And the dog sat in the tucker box nine miles from Gundagai"
    Here's a link to it:
    And another, with a slightly better picture. The dog looks a bit like you :)
    Keep those homefires burning Mate!

  7. Haha... this was great! I'll see if I can get Willow and Stella to do it sometime. ;-)

  8. Thaks for all the commments. Yes Noni you need to try it also. Same with you Becca and l^2. I look forward to reading them. Kerri... I thought of you when I was answering these questions, hoping I was using the language correctly!
    Fireflynights: Thanks for the tip on the new site!
    Dawn: Do I dare get out the Easter Bunnies. Those may become toys also! lol.


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