Moliere's "The Miser" A Smash Hit at The Sixth Street Theater

"The Miser" by Moliere opened last week-end at the Sixth Street Theater in Wallace, Idaho. My brother-in-law PKR masterfully directed and entertained the audience in the main role of Harpagon in this romantic farce. Here he is sharing the stage with La Fleche, played by Frank Peretti. My sister Silver Valley Girl was delightful in the role of Frosine, the matchmaker. Using her irresistible charm she created high drama as events of the play unfolded. She also put some love in the air. This comedy relief was created by my niece The Princess playing Harpagon's daughter Elise as she stuffed all the food she could get into her mouth. Food was scarce in the household of The Miser.

Here she is again my with my other two nieces. Z2 and Kiki Aru. They played Brindavoine and La Merluche, both servants to The Miser. Luke Crigger is in the background.

They opened to sold-out audiences and I can say that this family member laughed ( I think a bit too loudly) and enjoyed the whole production. It was inspiring to see the whole family in the production together. If you live in the Inland Empire and want ticket information you can go to my sister's blog here , see more pictures I took of the play here and for ticket information go to .

Bravo to the cast and the behind the scene people. It was a fine production.


  1. How good it is to have family work so hard at something together. That had to have been a really good time. Nice photos and excellent post. I'm glad I stopped by.

  2. Isn't this lovely having the family all together with such a wonderful and successful performance... congratulations!!!
    Excellent pictures as well...

  3. Love the photos! It must've been such a wonderful performance!

  4. The theatre experience. . .great entertainment! It was really a family affair, wasn't it! And I am impressed that Frank Peretti was one of the actors. He's the Christian author of many books, right? I goggled him to make sure --- and he lives in Northern Idaho, so it has to be one and the same. How fun it would be to see this production.

    Thanks for sharing!


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