A Meme from JBelle:Six Habits About Me

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I got this meme from JBelle at Notes from the 'Kan EWA

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Let's go:

Number One Habit: I am a fact finder and researcher. Before I buy something electronic, take a trip, get a new appliance, or decide on a book to read I check out consumer information, recommendations, and do research. I can't just go buy something on a whim!

Number Two Habit: I am now obsessed with red shoes: casual, dressy, flats,waterproof, athletic... you name it.

Number Three Habit: Planting flowers in a bed by height. I hate it when tall flowers block out shorter flowers in the landscaping arrangement.
Number Four Habit: Giving young adults another chance. I feel like many older adults write off young adults. I try to start fresh with them every day, allow them to make mistakes, and move on.

Number Five Habit: Doing away with digital alarm clocks: I suffered insomnia for many years so I cannot use digital clocks at all. I spent too many nights watching the minutes change and change as I stared wide awake at the clock. I even bring my own clock to a hotel.

Number Six Habit : I have finally come to terms with the fact that I need down time. For many years I tried to " do it all" , work nonstop, and attempt to solve everyone's problems in a day. I have learned that I need to save my energy for what is important.

Feel free to do this meme, but I am tagging Raymond Pert, Silver Valley Girl, Myrtle Beach Ramblings, Pinehurst in My Dreams, and Marcy.


  1. great habits. Not so sure about the red shoes... but I don't have to wear them, so its okay! (:

  2. I LOVE red shoes! and especially those one you're wearing. :) And I, too, hate digital clocks. Know what I've been using? my cell phone. sigh. works pretty good.

  3. Those all sound like perfectly good habits to me. I love red shoes!

  4. Came by for another look at your red snow clogs. yummmm!

  5. I dont have plain red shoes but I do have a red and orange pair of docs LOL..... actually I dont really own any shoes now except for me docs, me trainers, me hiking boots and a couple of pairs of summer sandals lol...... I prefer to go barefoot :)..... sigh..... I really need to be more girlie girlie lol I think Ive been living alone with sons way to long....


  6. I finally got the MEME written.

  7. Thanks everyone... and I am glad to hear others like red shoes!


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