Is The Snow Really Melting?

The weather up our way showed signs of warming today. The road was bare when I traveled to work. The sun shone beautifully all day causing the snow to reflect with blinding brightness.Today we saw the table on the deck for the first time in weeks. I guess now I can take the Christmas table cover off. Isabelle and Kit were amazed that the table was again free of snow.
As the sun began to set it reflected off the mountains across the lake. There is still lots of snow in the areas that see more shade. Sweet William decided he liked this spot high on top of the garage roof for a place to sun himself.Near the front of the house that gets more shade our outbuildings look like they are covered with frosting. Those piles look pretty high in the driveway. Even our neighbor's house in the background blends in with the snow. Okay....maybe it isn't melting much ... but at least the sun came out. That is a good thing.


  1. I am glad you got to see the sun. You really do have a lot of snow but I'm sure it's great to see at least the beginnings of a meltdown. Beautiful shots.

  2. I rescued my first cat 4yrs ago but when I moved up here I kept letting her in from the garage due to snow.

    I can't get her back out and she's a ferro cat! She's clawing my furniture...help! LOL

    I caved and bought a kitty condo w/ scratch post. She better use it or hubby's booting her out.

    Gorgeous views!

  3. Maybe Spring isn't far away. You do need to make that trip out this way to visit me.

  4. A very interesting post and nice photographs too. I enjoyed my first visit.

  5. We're melting here, too. There were big troughs, like snow alleys, on 28th as we headed down to Best Buy for dvds a little bit ago. sigh. I LIKE the snow.

  6. Yes, it's melting! Sadly, our landlord didn't plow our parking lot after the last snowfall, so now driving through the melty slush is like trying to pilot one of the bumper cars at the fair!

  7. ours is gone, except in the foothills.


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